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About morla...

Morla is a multiplatform editor of RDF documents. It is based on libnxml and librdf libraries. With Morla you can manage more RDF documents simultaneously, visualize graphs, use templates for quick writing and exec SPARQL/RDQL queries.

With Morla you can import RDFS documents and use its content to write new RDF triples. Templates are also RDF documents and they make Morla easily personalizeble and expandable. You can use javascript codes into your templates so you can validate, change, the user inputs.

Morla is also a modular software so you can add functionality about the save, open and view procedures.

You can also use Morla as RDF navigator, wandering among the net knots of the RDF documents present on internet exactly as we are used to do with normal browsers.

Morla is a FreeSoftware project released under license GPL v2.0.